Residential Land Surveying Services


Boundary Survey

A boundary survey will mark all corners of the subject property and will show all above ground improvements, building setback lines, zoning information, above ground utilities, and any above ground evidence of underground utilities.


Topographic Survey

A topographic survey will include everything that a boundary survey includes in addition to a field performed topography that will display contours/elevations of the subject property.


FEMA Elevation Certificates

Elevation Certificates provide flood zone determination by FEMA and also helps insurance agencies and banks understand the risk of the structure they are financing and insuring. An elevation certificate may be necessary for homeowners to obtain flood insurance.


Property Line Stake

Property line staking is necessary anytime you need a visual marker of a property’s boundaries. In a property line stake, no survey is provided, rather Keystone Land Surveying will mark all property corners and set any missing corners. Additionally, wooden stakes will be placed along the property line to visually detail the boundary.